aepp-sdk-java v1.2.0 released

published: 10.07.2019
Author: Marco Walz

In the past weeks and months Michel and Marco have further developed the aepp-sdk-java and added support for Smart Contracts and ÆNS (æternity naming system).

From now on any Java, Kotlin or Scala developer can use our SDK to deploy and interact with Contracts on the æternity blockchain.

We are proud to announce the release v1.2.0. At the same time we present you a dedicated documentation which is hosted on GitBook. This documentation is currently empty but will soon be filled with all the content you need to get started for developing Java applications that interact with the æternity blockchain!

But that's not all. Soon we will present you a demo application that makes use of our Java SDK. This demo application will be kept up to date and showcase all features supported by our SDK.

The following features are currently supported by the SDK:

  • generate and restore KeyPairs

    • the SDK also supports the creation and recovery of HD-wallets
  • generate and restore Keystore-JSON
  • automatic fee calculation for all transaction types supported by the SDK
  • sign transactions
  • service methods for generating different transaction types

The following transaction types are currently supported:

  • SpendTx
  • ContractCreateTx
  • ContractCallTx
  • NamePreclaimTx
  • NameClaimTx
  • NameRevokeTx
  • NameUpdateTx

All services are configurable. Currently 3 networks are supported:

  • ae_devnet (for local development)
  • ae_uat (official testnet, SDK default)
  • ae_mainnet (official mainnet)

Of course we try to implement the missing features as soon as possible, so stay tuned for future releases of the aepp-java-sdk!

If you encounter problems using the SDK please create a ticket on Github and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

If you have any general questions about the SDK please visit the official forum and ask there.

Do you like our work? We would be happy about a small donation:

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