aepp-sdk-java v2.2.1 released

published: March 8, 2020
Author: Marco Walz

We are proud to announce the release v2.2.1 of the aepp-sdk-java. With the support of the æternity crypto foundation as well as the active support within the forum and devchat we were able to improve the SDK and enhance its functionalities to interact more securely with the æternity blockchain.

The aepp-sdk-java empowers Java, Kotlin and Scala developers to interact with the æternity blockchain.

We worked hard on improving stability, robustness and comfort of usage while keeping maintainability and flexibility.

The SDK realizes a generic approach to provide support for every kind of transaction types based on strongly typed models:

  • thus a developer just need to create a model for a certain transaction type and the mapping, byte transformation and interaction is executed transparently

Features & transactions types

  • Transfer tokens

    • SpendTransaction
  • ÆNS interaction

    • NameClaimTransaction
    • NamePreclaimTransaction
    • NameUpdateTransaction
    • NameRevokeTransaction
  • Oracle interaction

    • OracleRegisterTransaction
    • OracleExtendTransaction
    • OracleQueryTransaction
    • OracleRespondTransaction
  • Contract interaction

    • ContractCreateTransaction
    • ContractCallTransaction
    • Compiling of contracts
    • Encoding and decoding of data and results
  • Aeternal interaction

    • Communication with the middleware to retrieve information about auctions

Although we already prepared TX types to support State Channels these can NOT be handled using the SDK.

All methods provided by the SDK can be exectued either blocking or asynchronous depending on use case and programming style. The SDK provides methods to retrieve information about current and mined transactions and blocks as well as information concerning accounts.

Furthermore the SDK provides useful utilites to cover typical use cases

  • generate and restore of KeyPairs
  • support creation and recovery of HD-wallets
  • generate and restore of Keystores
  • automatic fee calculation for all transaction types supported by the SDK
  • unit conversion tool
  • various util libraries to encode, decode and sign

The SDK can easily be configured to support devnet, uat or mainnet and other key parameters.


Furthermore, with the release v1.0.0 of the contraect-maven-plugin we provide a new tool similar to the web3j-codegen for Ethereum which makes it a piece of cake to deploy and interact with Sophia smart contracts on the æternity blockchain.

Example applications


Detailed technical information, including samples can be found in our documentation.


The SDK is available under the ISC License and the source can be found on GitHub.


If you like to support us, contributions are welcome. Therefore please refer to our contribution guide.

Support us

  • Visit our krautSUPPORT page to find various ways to honor our work :-)