How to contribute to the timeline

published: March 31, 2019
Author: Jan-Patrick Weller & Marco Walz

We encourage everyone to help us maintaining the krautTIMELINE!

For the average user we provide a traditional form so that everyone is able to contribute and help us creating the best crypto timeline ever.

1. Traditional form

Just open the traditional form and provide us the required information so that we can add the content on behalf of you.

Note: If you provide us your Twitter and/or Pepo handle we will let the community know that you submitted the content ;-)

2. Pull request on Github

Advanced users need to have some basic git-skills and know how content can be written with markdown to contribute content.

Step by step guide

This is really all you need to know. If these requirements are met you are ready to contribute by following these steps:

  1. fork our repository kk-website
  2. create a new branch from the actual origin/master
  3. create a markdown file in the timeline folder src/data/timeline and make sure its name begins with the date of the timeline event (e.g.
  4. write the article

    • see below in more detail how the file should be structured
  5. commit your changes and provide the number of the github issue in the commit message
  6. create a pull-request into the master of our repository

    • we will review the contribution and might ask for some adjustments
    • if the review is fine we will merge the pull-request and the article should show up after a short period of time

Note: We are using Gatsby to build the kryptokrauts website. If you want to preview your changes locally you need to install it by running npm install -g gatsby-cli. Afterwards you will be able to run gatsby develop to serve the website on http://localhost:8000.

How to structure the content of the markdown-file?

Please add a frontmatter to have some meta information attached to your new timeline entry. The frontmatter looks like following:

publishedOn: "YYYY-MM-DD"
date: "YYYY-MM-DD"
title: "Some title you can choose"
path: "path/to/entry"
author: "Some Guy"
icon: "fontawesome icon name"
thumbnail: "url to a cool image (optional)"
thumbnailSource: "source, e.g. 'Pexels' (optional, mandatory when thumbnail is set)"
externalLink: "url to the external article (optional)"

The date should contain the release date of the article. The title is the name which is displayed in the main section and the path is the URL to reach the article. The path should match the following pattern:

  • timeline/[filename]

The icon can be any fontawesome icon name and will be displayed in the timeline. The default icon is:

  • fas fa-bell

Optionally you can provide a thumbnail-image which will be rendered in the background of the timeline-event. Make sure to only use royalty free images and always provide the source where it comes from.

The markdown of the entry doesn't need have any other content. If you just want to add in entry you can also provide an externalLink where the background information is available.

All the other content can be added below and does support all standard markdown. Images can also be included in the content section. Again, don't forget to only use royalty free images and provide the respective source. Example:

<div style="font-size:80%;">
    <img src="" ><br /><i>Image: Pexels</i>

The example will be rendered as follows:

Image: Pexels

Have fun creating content for our krautTIMELINE. If you have any questions or run into problems you can always contact us via Twitter.

Thanks for you contribution!