kryptokrauts wins æternity hæckathon!

published: September 22, 2019
Author: Marco Walz

Ahead of the æternity universe one the first official hæckathon took place at the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. It was also possible to participate remotely but Nandan and Marco decided to fly to Prague and meet some people in the æternity community in person. Unfortunately Jan-Patrick and Michel weren't able to join us. In Prague we met Guillermo who decided to join our team after we told him about our idea.

Identity of Things: Real or Fake?!


  • when you want to buy luxury items (e.g. a Rolex) you are not able to verify whether it is a fake or not
  • when you receive items (e.g. medicine) in any company involved in a supply chain you can't be sure whether the package content is being compromised in between



  • a miniscule tamperproof nfc-chip with a secure element (where private keys can't get compromised) is included in the item or package
  • to verify the authenticity of an item the nfc-chip is being used to sign messages
  • the public keys of selected items are stored in different smart contract registries which addresses can be resolved via ÆNS
  • the registry smart contract (e.g. "Rolex 2019 limited") provides a function to verify the signed message and confirm the authenticity of an item

For demonstration purposes we made use of a JavaCard. In this specific case we used the Keycard from the status project.



You can find all the work we did during the hæckathon on Github:

Award ceremony: 1st place

At the end of the aeternity universe one the winners of the hæckathon were announced and we are very happy that our project Identity of Things convinced the jury and was chosen for the 1st place.

As Nandan and Marco weren't able to attend to the conference our friend and teammate Guillermo had the honor to represent our team and went on stage.

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