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Blockchain Experts Software Developers Creative Artists

We started our crypto journey in 2017 and we are winners of several blockchain hackathons.

Currently, we are focusing on building Soon.Market – the leading NFT marketplace on XPR Network.

About Us

We believe in a decentralized future powered by blockchain!

We are colleagues and friends based in Germany who have been (and some still are) working in several IT companies. Over the past years we participated in various hackathons and developed open source tools and dApps for the æternity blockchain. We decided to found kryptokrauts GmbH and develop our own products, because we believe that we have an incredible and awesome mix of skills in the founding team. And we’re just getting started!

Reach out to us if you have questions or if you need help with your projects!


Our Expertise


Blockchain Consulting

We're happy to advise you on all topics related to Blockchain, Web3, Smart Contracts, Tokenization, NFTs or the Metaverse. The future is decentralized!


Creative Design

We have expertise in creating brand identities, UI/UX prototypes and promoting products. This includes all illustrations, 3D models and videos. Just tell us what you want - we will do the rest!


Software Architecture

We have practical experience in building software architectures that scale. In addition our team is iSAQB® CPSA‑A® certified.


Digital Identity

We believe self-sovereign identities (SSI) will be one of the hottest topics in the upcoming years. We have hands-on experience in building Digital Identity prototypes and solutions with Hyperledger Aries.


Software Development

Having worked in various IT companies we gathered a lot of experience. We're true experts in building frontend and backend solutions that ship with an awesome UX.


Agile Methods

We truly believe agile methods are key to success and happiness in a team. We're sick of talking about change requests for certain requirements. We just wanna build the best products as fast as possible!

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