About Soon.Market

Soon.Market is the leading NFT marketplace on XPR Network. The journey started in October 2021 with the first NFT auction ever that accepted XPR as payment. The NFT sold for an incredible amount of 259,400 XPR (~10k USD) and motivated us to dig deeper into the NFT game.

In the meantime, a lot of things happened and we summarized our achievements in our „Happy New Year! Wrap-up 2022 & Outlook 2023!“ blog article.

NFT Watch: Scam protection supported by the community

In late 2022, some users unfortunately got scammed on our marketplace where the scammers hosted NFT auctions of fake assets. We reacted fast and introduced so-called shielded NFT collections on Soon.Market. Shielded collections are governed by NFT Watch, a community governed initiative that helps us to prevent such issues in the future.

Promote your favorite NFTs!

The SOON SPOT NFTs allow anybody to promote shielded NFT collections or specific NFT auctions of shielded collections on the front page of Soon.Market.

The future is bright!

In June 2023, we applied for a grant on the recently introduced XPR Governance Dashboard in order to take Soon.Market to the next level. End of July 2023, The grant proposal got approved by the XPR community and all of our supporters received the official Supporter Badge, a non-transferrable („soulbound“) NFT, as gift.

Why XPR Network?

We believe that XPR Network has everything necessary to enable mass adoption and is perfectly suited for NFTs. The official WebAuth wallet is extremely user-friendly and transactions are free for all average users. In the future, it will even be possible to buy crypto instantly via credit card. We believe it is only a matter of time before XPR Network is identified by individuals and companies worldwide as one of the most important networks for financial transactions of all kinds – including NFT transactions.

We also published a comprehensive blog article about that topic in the past, before Proton rebranded to XPR Network: “Why we believe strongly believe in the Proton ecosystem

Check out Soon.Market and convince yourself!

Product: NFT marketplace
Blockchain: XPR Network
Technologies: Next.js / React, TypeScript, Node.js / Express, PostgreSQL, IPFS
Website: https://soon.market