What is Soon.Market?

soon.market is an NFT marketplace on Proton with a special focus on NFT auctions. Everything started in October 2021 with the first NFT auction ever on Proton that accepted XPR as payment. The NFT sold for an incredible amount of 259,400 XPR (~10k USD) and motivated us to dig deeper into the NFT game. Now we are thrilled that we can finally open the doors for every NFT creator and collector to launch auctions. Besides that we introduced a very cool mechanism that allows our users to promote any auction of choice on the front page of the market.

We encourage everybody to read our blog articles and to join our social channels to stay up to date and help us to build the best NFT marketplace in the industry!

Soon.Market ⚛️ Preview ⚛️ February 2022


Introducing SOON SPOT NFT


The current version (March 2022) is our Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that focuses on auctions only. For auctions we believe we’re ahead of the competition – at least we haven’t seen any better user experience so far on other marketplaces. However, we are collecting a lot of feedback from our community and will take every feedback into consideration for development. We have an internal roadmap to expand the functionalities of our marketplace. We know there are still a lot of things to do and we are happy to share new features with the Proton community as soon as possible.

We definitely have a lot of cool ideas, so stay tuned and get involved. This is just the beginning!


Why Proton?

We believe that Proton has everything necessary to enable mass adoption and is perfectly suited for NFTs. The official wallet (WebAuth.com) is extremely user-friendly and transactions are free for all average users. In the future, it will even be possible to buy crypto instantly via credit card. We believe it is only a matter of time before Proton is identified by individuals and companies worldwide as one of the most important networks for financial transactions of all kinds – including NFT transactions. In case of NFT auctions we believe there is no decentralized platform available right now that allows to provide a better user experience.

Check out soon.market and convince yourself!

We also published a comprehensive blog article about that topic: “Why we believe strongly believe in the Proton ecosystem

Product: NFT marketplace
Blockchain: Proton
Technologies: Next.js / React, TypeScript, Node.js / Express, PostgreSQL, IPFS
Website: https://soon.market